Fast Start 4 Impact

Make an endowment gift that can benefit a student right away

There's no waiting for your gift to grow before your student is helped, and your investment covers more tuition in the first four years. Donors who take advantage of Fast Start can provide up to five times more scholarship funding to students than they would through typical endowment starts that begin late in the fiscal year. Plus, your scholarship funds a permanent endowment for student support.


Works Chart
Assumes four years of tuition. Based on a typical $50,000 endowment and a $50,000 Fast Start gift. Based on 2012-2013 tuition and fees at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

Dozens of donors have taken advantage of Fast Start 4 Impact to create new endowments that are now helping over 100 U of M students. Watch videos from Fast Start donors.

"The Fast Start 4 Impact program encouraged us to say, 'Let's stretch our goals a little bit and help students out more.'"—Endowment donor Phil Minerich

The time is now

This opportunity ends December 31, 2014.

Contact a U of M development professional at 612-624-3333 or