A bridge to opportunity


There is no place where the U of M’s partnership with 3M has had greater impact than support offered to students through scholarships and fellowships. Since 3M’s $15 million commitment to Campaign Minnesota in 2001, 3M scholarships and fellowships have supported talented U of M scholars in the sciences and in business. By helping to make higher education accessible, 3M has:

  • created a bridge to opportunity for hundreds of motivated students
  • drawn top talent to the U of M
  • supported a pipeline of skilled workers who go on to contribute their talents to 3M and other companies
  • enabled the University to address the rising cost of tuition, by offering middle- and working-class families the lowest net cost of any four-year college in the state.

3M’s support is especially appreciated in science and engineering, where the need for a skilled workforce is acute and growing, and where most of 3M’s scholarships have been focused. 3M fellowships support graduate students in science and engineering, in business, and in STEM education. See a full list of 3M Funds.


A bridge to opportunity

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