How gifts are used
$4 billion of private support, generations of impact

When you make a gift to a specific college, unit, or purpose, that gift will be used exactly as you direct. Overall, the campaign goal is to raise $1 billion for students, $2 billion for faculty and research, and $1 billion for University initiatives and outreach.


Students — $1 billion

Discovery happens on laptops and desktops, in dorm rooms and classrooms, at home and abroad. Your scholarship and fellowship gifts transform the future by educating talented and diverse leaders and preparing them for tomorrow’s workforce. Students who receive scholarships take on less debt, have the time and space to participate in activities that enrich their personal and professional lives, and are more likely to graduate on time.

Your gifts help provide:
  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Curriculum enhancements
  • Experiential learning such as internships
  • Study abroad opportunities

Progress towards goal


Faculty and research — $2 billion

Our field-shaping faculty members know that by crossing boundaries—whether physical or academic—they can discover solutions to society’s most difficult challenges. By supporting faculty, together we’ll build an intellectual, scientific, and creative environment where dynamic and diverse scholars pursue collaborative, path-breaking research and teaching.

Your gifts help provide:
  • Professorships, chairs, and lecture series
  • Clinical, academic, and field research
  • Funding for research teams
  • Initiatives that address grand challenges

Progress towards goal


University-wide initiatives and outreach — $1 billion

Whether it’s the quiet wonder of seeing an artistic masterpiece at a U of M museum or the loud, explosive cheers of kids learning about science at an outreach presentation, the University expands minds and broadens perspectives far beyond its boundaries. Your gifts to the U’s outreach programs, museums, libraries, and creative spaces bring the U’s knowledge and scholarship into the community and enrich our collective lives.

Your gifts help provide:

  • Professional development and continuing education
  • Capital improvements and facilities
  • Funding for strategic initiatives
  • Urban and rural community outreach
  • Hospital/clinic programming
  • Patient care

Progress towards goal