Adopt A Room sponsors

Individual and family sponsors

The Calmenson family

Bob Calmenson lived decades longer than doctors predicted. But when he died at 60 in 2009, his life seemed far too short to family and friends. The spirit of Bob, and his father, Ben, who died at age 90 just 13 days before Bob died, will live forever in Ben & Bob’s Room.

Brett and Deanna Favre

Football legend and former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and his wife, Deanna, made a $200,000 gift to the Adopt A Room program through their Favre 4 Hope Foundation.

The Friswold family

As a child, Barry Friswold spent a lot of time in the hospital — but not because he was sick. It was his sister Michelle who had leukemia. Parents Fred and Marie Friswold spent as much time as they could in the hospital with Michelle before she died in 1967 at age 4. But the hospital room was too cramped for the whole family to be together. After a family discussion, the Friswoldsfelt compelled to adopt a room and help families today weather tough times together.

Nancy and John Lindahl

Nancy and John Lindahl support children’s health through the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital Adopt A Room program in memory of their first son.

Rich and Mary Ostlund

As Rich and Mary Ostlund's three children grew up and went off to college, they suddenly had more time on their hands—and a bold idea. “We wanted to find two or three charities that we could give as much time to as [we gave to] our kids,” Rich says. As they got more involved at the University of Minnesota, they decided to sponsor an Adopt A Room to brighten ill children’s days and keep families together.

Corporate sponsors

Cities 97

Cities 97 has committed to sponsor an Adopt A Room in the new University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital facility through sales of its popular Cities 97 Sampler, a compilation of live musical performances recorded at Cities 97’s Studio C throughout the year.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings and former head coach Leslie Frazier have announced a gift of $200,000 for the Minnesota Vikings Adopt A Room at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. The Vikings will also donate $240,000 from the Vikings Children’s Fund (VCF) to the University's Department of Pediatrics for promising research to treat and cure childhood diseases. Learn more.

Pediatric Home Service

Pediatric Home Service (PHS) committed to Adopt A Room at University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital in July 2010. PHS is an independent pediatric homecare company that provides home-based health care services—respiratory therapy, infusion therapy, pharmacy, private duty nursing service, in-home asthma management, and support services—to technology-supported children. PHS recognizes and understands the different needs of infants, children, and adolescents and ensures continuity of care by working together with health care professionals, payers, and family caregivers.

WCCO Radio

Proceeds from Dave Lee’s Gutter Bowl, presented by WCCO Radio, have helped to fund the WCCO Adopt A Room at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Current Adopt A Room sponsors

Caroline Amplatz, J.D.
Randy and Marcy Betcher
The Calmenson family
Champions for Children Golf Classic
Listeners of Cities 97 (KTCZ 97.1)
Burt H. Corwin Family
Dave Lee’s Gutter Bowl and fans of WCCO Radio
The Dolphin family
Timothy and Judith A. Dove
Edwards Memorial Trust
The Jack and Camie Eugster Family Foundation
Members of the Fairview Corporate Board
Fairview Health Services employees
Favre 4 Hope Foundation
The Friswold family
Listeners of KFAN (FM 100.3)
Nicholas P. Koenig HERO Foundation
Lillehei Family Foundation
John and Nancy Lindahl and family
Dana and David Millington
Minnesota Masonic Charities/The Grand Lodge of Minnesota
Minnesota Vikings
The Rich and Mary Ostlund Charitable Fund
Pediatric Home Service employees
Brian, Kristen, Brian Jr., and Angela Schepperle
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Ron and Teresa Sit