Combating flooding through landscape design

College of Design senior Norman Palacious hopes to use landscape design to fight flooding in his native Bahamas

It’s safe to say that College of Design senior Norman Pala­cious has building in his blood: His father’s family has long worked in construction, engineering, and architecture. Even so, Palacious is forging a path all his own. The Bahamas native ultimately plans to return home and combat flooding through landscape design and technology. The Alpha Rho Chi and Bruce Abrahamson Experience Abroad Scholarships are helping fund his studies.

Why the University of Minnesota?

The College of Design offers an un­dergraduate degree in environmental design that allows access to master of landscape architecture courses. I’ve been accepted into the accelerated program, so I can complete my bach­elor’s and master’s in six years rather than seven.

How do you hope to help your home country?

I want to develop flood control solu­tions and ways to secure, purify, and reuse runoff for drinking, gardens, and other green spaces. This would require me to practice in the U.S. and countries that are already applying these techniques.

How have scholarships helped?

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without scholarships or have had the chance to study in Rome and Istanbul, which truly tested my skills.