Support climate action for a sustainable future

At the University of Minnesota, we believe that addressing our greatest environmental challenges will help ensure a brighter future for our communities, our state, and our world. From protecting our water supply and fighting invasive species to developing sustainable plastics and improving agricultural technologies, we are creating a healthier, more resilient planet.

Philanthropy supports a wide range of programs and initiatives at the University of Minnesota that are dedicated to addressing the most urgent problems presented by climate change. Your generosity and commitment can help drive the solutions we need for a sustainable future.

Featured funds

Beating the blue-green blues

UMD research is on course to prevent blue-green algae blooms in Lake Superior. Read more

Give to the UMD Large Lakes Observatory Research Fund
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Sustainable plastics?

Plastics are a vital part of our lives, but they are also harmful to the environment. Can we enjoy the benefits of plastics and keep our planet healthy, too? Watch the video

Give to the Center for Sustainable Polymers Fund
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Get (climate) literate

Our experts are at the forefront of climate literacy education, using stories to fight against despair and apathy—and to imagine and build a sustainable world. Read more

Give to the Center for Climate Literacy
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Starry trek

Volunteers across Minnesota are monitoring their local lakes for an invasive species named starry stonewort. Read more

Give to the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center
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What donors are saying

"The U is committed to making Minnesota, the U.S., and our planet Earth better for all of us. There is no greater good."

Steven, Estero, FL

"The U of M is indispensable in the advancement of our state in the face of climate change and other environmental issues. It combines science and sensible advocacy for change in a complex world."

John, Scandia, MN

"I'm nearly 70 and deeply concerned about what the future holds for the family generations that are to come—my own and the world's."

Diane, Melrose, MN

"I love the U of M. I love Minnesota. I support research on the Earth and environment."

Jiangming, Shoreview, MN

"The U is a leader in the research, extension, and education that is absolutely needed to build a sustainable and healthy future for all people and the planet."

Larry, Hastings, MN