Basics for hosting a fundraiser

The University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) is grateful to the many individuals and organizations who organize events to support causes at the University of Minnesota. Your fundraiser can help support many crucial University needs.

Plan your event

The information below offers guidance, so that fundraisers know what tools and services are and aren't available to the public.

What the University of Minnesota Foundation can do:

  • Assist in designating event proceeds to a specific University unit, program, fund, etc.
  • Provide a receipt to hosting individuals or organizations for the net proceeds of an event, which UMF requires to be submitted in one check. In this case, one receipt will be provided, not individual receipts for each contribution. (See financial guidelines.)
  • Issue tax receipts for any individual gifts paid by checks made out to the University of Minnesota Foundation, provided the donation is not related to receiving something (goods, services, or anything with monetary value) in return.
  • Offer counsel on how the University of Minnesota Foundation can assist with community-hosted events by calling (612) 625-8887. 
  • Provide a platform to fundraise online.

What the University of Minnesota Foundation cannot do:

  • Provide event funding, on-site staff support, or guarantee attendance of UMF or U of M staff.
  • Process event expenses or credit or debit card transactions.
  • Host, process, or receipt for event registrations.
  • Facilitate or solicit silent or live auction items or sponsorships.
  • Process or provide gift receipts for any donated auction items or payments, in-kind gifts, sponsorships, or raffle proceeds. 
  • Provide mailing lists of contributors, employees, volunteers, or vendors.
  • Permit use of UMF’s tax identification number or UMF/U of M letterhead and promotional materials.
  • Be responsible for any financial losses or provide insurance coverage, permits, or licenses.
  • Assume responsibility or liability for event planning and execution.

Next steps

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