Permits and financial guidelines

Permits and licenses (including raffles)

Community event organizers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and licenses and ensuring compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. If you are considering raffles or charitable gambling as part of your event, we suggest that you visit the Minnesota Gambling Control Board website at 


Groups fundraising for the U may not issue charitable deductions for funds raised through sponsorship, as they are not an official 501(c3) charity.

The University of Minnesota Foundation cannot receipt sponsorships for community-hosted events. Sponsorship payments should be made payable to the community event hosts or organizers.

Submitting funds raised

All net proceeds from the event should be submitted via one check to the Gift Administration Department at the University of Minnesota Foundation.  You may also submit checks for individual outright gifts if the checks are made out to the University of Minnesota Foundation and the individual did not receive anything in return. Do not submit individual checks or cash for registration, auctions or raffles.

Net proceeds and outright gift checks should be sent to:
University of Minnesota Foundation
Gift Administration
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55455


University of Minnesota Foundation
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55455-2010

Roxanna Dreyer