Facts and figures

By the numbers

Year the Presidents Club was launched: 1963

Celebrated its 50th anniversary: 2013

Number of members after one year: 36

Number of members after 50 years: 17,000

Through the years, the generosity of Presidents Club members has

Built dozens of buildings and facilities

Created hundreds of faculty chairs and professorships

Supported thousands of students with scholarships and fellowships

Launched hundreds of research, arts, and community projects that have improved countless lives

Fun facts

The University of Minnesota has had 16 different presidents, but current President Eric Kaler is only the second alumnus to rise to the University’s presidency. (The first was President Malcolm Moos, who served from 1967-1974.)

Shrimp are traditionally the most popular item served at the annual Presidents Club Holiday Party. On average, Presidents Club members devour more than XX pounds of shrimp at the celebration.