Fostering our full potential

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Provide a place of opportunity for everyone

No matter our place of birth, those of us who call Minnesota home are proud to be part of something bigger. With campuses that reach every corner of the state, the University is a wellspring of arts, culture, and ideas that dismantle barriers, promote opportunities, and draw communities together.

Through the transformative power of teaching and learning, the University fosters people’s capacity to reach their full potential—by removing social, emotional, physical, and economic obstacles to success.

The road ahead

The invigorated student experience we envision will feature:

Advocate for equity, justice, and opportunity for all through targeted programs in law, public affairs, and political science

Enrich our collective quality of life by bringing performance, scholarship, and outreach in theater, dance, art, and music into communities statewide

Work to eliminate the achievement gap in Minnesota’s schools

Prepare creative and critical thinkers in all fields and across all U of M campuses


  • New citizen at a naturalization ceremony, holding an American flag
    The U of M's James H. Binger Center for New Americans brings new hope to immigrants and refugees.
  • Children watching a Raptor Center presentation
    At a U of M camp for kids who stutter, children learn to be confident in their communication skills.
  • Group of girls celebrating as they play a basketball game
    An M.B.A. student helps launch a line of culturally appropriate athletic wear.
  • Aaliyah Hodge
    Aaliyah Hodge is a pioneer in the new field of charter school oversight.
  • Nicole Palmer
    UMM's Nicole Palmer wants to work on behalf of people with disabilities.