The path toward healing the planet begins in Minnesota

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Protect and sustain agriculture, food, and water

The University operates in a geographical landscape that serves as a microcosm of our world. Campuses located on America’s greatest lake, greatest river, and greatest prairie, as well as in urban centers, enable firsthand research into some of the planet’s biggest challenges: water availability, agriculture and food, energy efficiency, and climate change.

This effort creates a “living laboratory” that invites the larger community—businesses and policymakers, researchers and teachers, farmers and consumers, children and families—to join in finding scientific and social solutions.

The journey so far

Gifts made during the Driven campaign have helped the U of M remain a leader in sustainability by:

Supporting faculty who are studying the impact of climate change

Providing 140 acres of land as a living laboratory for students and scholars near the University of Minnesota Morris

Increasing efforts to promote food safety and security

Focusing on ways to protect natural resources such as water, soil, and biodiversity