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Otto Bremer Trust invests $1 million in geriatrics care program through University of Minnesota Medical School

The Medical School at the University of Minnesota has received a $1 million investment from the Otto Bremer Trust to educate health professionals in core geriatrics principles. 

“The Otto Bremer Trust invests in organizations whose mission, work, and accomplishments contribute in a significant way to helping address challenges facing our region,” says Brian Lipschultz, co-CEO and trustee at Otto Bremer Trust. “The Medical School’s multidisciplinary approach to delivering health care to our aging population is groundbreaking, and we are proud to partner and make this transformative investment."

The growth in the number of Americans over age 60 presents a challenge to current health care delivery. Aging is the primary risk factor for debilitating conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, mobility issues, and cancer. Although these age-related illnesses are not unique to Minnesota, the University’s recognized expertise among the health disciplines of nursing, pharmacy, public health, social sciences, psychology, and medicine make this investment timely.

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(Photo by Scott Streble)

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