A call for racial justice
The University of Minnesota announces a systemwide scholarship to honor George Floyd

On June 5, University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel announced a new scholarship honoring George Perry Floyd Jr.

Floyd, who had five children and two grandchildren, grew up in Houston and moved to Minneapolis in 2014, where he worked as a truck driver and security guard. On May 25, he was killed by a Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on Floyd's neck for almost 8 minutes. During his memorial service, universities nationwide were called upon to create scholarships in his honor to help create a more just and equitable world.

“There are tough questions that we must answer together as a community,” Gabel wrote in an email announcing the scholarship. “There are no shortcuts. We must move forward with a commitment to take action that leverages our diversity, research, teaching, and service missions to advance equity and to promote healing.”

The University of Minnesota Scholarship in honor of George Floyd supports students across the U of M system who enhance the diversity of the student body. Your gift will honor the memory of George Floyd by supporting underrepresented students, including the Black or African American leaders of tomorrow.

As of June 24, 206 donors had given $22,000 to the scholarship. 

Why we give

"I gave to this scholarship because the University immediately spoke out strongly in support of equity and justice." 
—Erica B., Hopkins, Minnesota
"I am still grappling with the depth of racial disparity in the country. While I am honored to be a member of the University community, I would love to see young people of color succeed here. Thank you for answering the call and providing a space for us to contribute."
—Akosua O., Minneapolis, Minnesota
"As a first-time donor to the U of M, I'm proud to support the next generation of leaders committed to racial justice.​"
—Rebecca O., Portland, Oregon
"I donated to the scholarship honoring George Floyd because it's time for me to start being a part of the solution in changing the effects of institutionalized racism in this country."
—Cresta J., Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"I am proud to support this first step of many to honor George Floyd and bring justice and healing to our community. Our University has a vital role to play in the weeks, months, and years to come."
—Scott P., Minneapolis, Minnesota

A place of opportunity for everyone

Thank you for supporting racial justice efforts at the University of Minnesota. Here are a few ways you can stay involved: