Here comes the sun

Name: Graham Krumpelmann

Hometown: Stillwater, Minnesota

Studying: Mechanical engineering in the College of Science and Engineering

Activity outside of class: Director of engineering, U of M Solar Vehicle Project (SVP)

Latest project: Eos 2, the SVP team’s newest solar-electric vehicle, which was unveiled in July 2017

What sets it apart: Eos 2 is a cruiser rather than a challenger, which means it’s built for comfort rather than speed. “We are trying to incorporate practicality, so we have to be able to fit multiple people in the car and accommodate different creature comforts,” Krumpelmann says.

Philanthropy’s role: Many companies provide products, financial support, and mentors to help the team. For example, 3M helped the team with the vehicle's solar cell array. 

Next big challenge: Competing in the 1,800-mile World Solar Challenge in Australia in October

What drives him: “To have the Solar Vehicle Project on your resume is really helpful. A lot of the companies I talk to want to see more hands-on application of what you’re studying, and this project gives us the ability to do that.”

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