New wind tunnel from Land O' Lakes

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, part of the U of M's College of Science and Engineering (CSE), has a new wind tunnel. The gift—an 8-foot-tall, 11.5-foot-wide, and 23-foot-long wind tunnel—is from WinField United, a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes. 

The low-speed subsonic wind tunnel can produce wind speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and can simulate the tiny droplets from boom sprays in farm fields. It will help undergraduate and graduate students gain valuable skills and experience in high-tech agriculture research. It also enables CSE researchers to partner with WinField United on better understanding how to target crop-protection products and prevent overspraying.

Land O’Lakes has invested nearly $930,000 in the College of Science and Engineering since 1992. This includes a three-year sponsorship of the Center for Sustainable Polymers to find new uses for skim milk powder.

Learn more about the gift.

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