Professional school awards

Excellence in professional education is a defining feature of a great university 

At the University of Minnesota, in fields ranging from architecture to medicine, and from law to dentistry, students are preparing to become tomorrow’s talented practitioners. Communities near and far will benefit from the knowledge and skills of these future doctors, veterinarians, business leaders, and more. The U of M is committed to preparing a culturally competent workforce that is qualified to meet the needs of the varied populations its graduates will serve.

“The [scholarship] award was a tremendous help. Med school isn’t cheap, and it’s easy to get nervous thinking about how much debt you’re racking up each semester. For a student in their first year, owing tens of thousands of dollars with the interest running … it can really get on your mind and distract you.”
—Adam, ’16, M.D., and multiple scholarship recipient

Unique learning experiences and advanced training opportunities enrich the time students spend immersed in professional school. Private support and the peace of mind that comes with it enables students to focus on obtaining a solid educational foundation.


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