Diversity, equity, and inclusion

UMF commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lives within the workplace, impacts how we do business, and who we engage on behalf of the University.

A commitment to Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a central component of UMF's five-year strategic plan. UMF's commitment to anti-racism and social justice lives within the workplace, impacting how we operate as a business and our outreach efforts on behalf of the University. Read UMF's Inclusion Statement

UMF's DEI roadmap

The UMF DEI roadmap serves as a guide for this work, with goals around leadership, talent, culture, and external community. Communication, building relationships, learning, and accountability are important factors in this work.  

DEI council 

UMF employees are critical to fostering and maintaining an inclusive culture. To support leadership around the DEI roadmap goals, UMF formed a DEI council with employee representation from across the organization at every level. This group is key to providing perspective, input, and making recommendations to initiative leaders and executive sponsors.

Council member responsibilities include:

  • Assist in identifying and making recommendations removing instances of institutional bias and inequities in UMF programs, policies and procedures. 
  • Provide feedback and insight to leadership on issues of culture, climate, equity, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace including policies, practices and communications.
  • Share updates from DEI council with teams.
  • Assist in the creation and communication of internal organizational learning opportunities in which employees may voluntarily participate to deepen and develop personal understanding of inclusion and equity at an organizational level.     

A place of opportunity for everyone

Gifts to the University of Minnesota help advance equity and justice by funding targeted programs in law, public affairs, and political science—and through work to eliminate the achievement gap in Minnesota’s schools. Philanthropy also enriches our quality of life by bringing theater, dance, art, and music into communities statewide. These stories are some great examples of donor support at work. 

Jaeden King wants to preserve the Ojibwe language by bringing it to schools in her community
UMD theatre major Oliver Swimeley is committed to bringing underrepresented voices out of the shadows—and on to the stage
The U of M’s Tretter Collection houses decades of LGBTQIA+ history