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Riding has made me a better communicator and a better person. If it weren’t for scholarships, it would be challenging to be part of this team and maintain strong academics.

Rachel Johnson, member of the U of M Crookston equestrian team and recipient of the June Shaver Equestrian Scholarship

  • Agents of change

    In the wake of the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico, crowdfunding helps a team from the U of M Medical School address mental health issues.

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  • Trading places

    With support from a generous donor who values cross-cultural exchange, junior Sam Newell spent a semester studying engineering in Hungary.

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  • Myth buster

    U of M researcher Traci Mann debunks some of our most deeply held beliefs about dieting and obesity. 

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Faith-based medicine

With support from Minnesota Masonic Charities, a U of M researcher and a local imam are teaming up to fight cancer.

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