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Your gifts nurture high-impact discovery and world-class instruction.

Institute on the Environment Discretionary Fund

Gifts to this fund support collaborative research aimed at solving our most complex environmental challenges.

Medicine and Health Innovation Fund

Your gifts support medical discovery and programs within the M Health Fairview joint clinical enterprise.


Innovators and Educators

With their commitment to advancing knowledge through research and inspiring future generations through teaching, University of Minnesota faculty members are at the heart of our thriving academic community.

Support high-impact discovery and world-class instruction by making a gift to Innovators and Educators: Drive for University of Minnesota Faculty. Donations to this initiative bolster our faculty’s key role in securing the University’s position as:

  • An innovation engine that increases field-shaping innovations and scholarship.
  • A home for diverse ideas and expertise, where researchers and educators grow deep roots and build meaningful careers.
  • A dynamic learning environment in which expert faculty equip tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed.

"University of Minnesota faculty share their passion, knowledge, and intellect with students and postdoctoral scholars as they seek innovative solutions to societal challenges and create pathways for new opportunities. With your support, they can accelerate their progress and broaden their impact and reach to the benefit of all of us."

— Shashank Priya, UMN vice president for research

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