They grow up so fast
A behind-the-scenes look at The Raptor Center’s youngest patients

Every spring, as the days grow longer and flowers begin to bloom, nature signals the arrival of a new season. But at The Raptor Center (TRC), the true sign of spring is the influx of baby raptors in need of care. Some have fallen out of their nests, while others have lost their habitat as trees were cut down or nests have collapsed.

TRC is one of the busiest raptor hospitals in the world, admitting around 1,000 birds of prey each year—approximately 250 of which are babies that arrive during the spring and summer months. The goal is to rehabilitate all of these raptors and release them back into the wild.  

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes glimpse into daily life at TRC, featuring a selection of this spring’s baby raptors.

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